What is the Real Truth- Messy Beautiful Life

Here is the beautiful messy truth about your life- You are already everything you are meant to be, and you have within you all the skills you need to truly shine your light in the world. I was working with a client today and I asked her what is keeping her from stepping fully into the work she wants to do. Of course, like it is for all of us, it is fear that clogs our vision and often keeps us from the action that can make us successful.  She felt like she wasn’t able to tap into her intuition Read More

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Integration-Recognizing I am already Whole!

Re-invent and Integrate.  These are the two words my husband talked about as an intention for the new year.   In the fifteen years I have been working for myself, I have re-inventing myself countless times.  Looking back, I now see that my own re-invention has often been to the detriment of integration. When things didn’t happen in my time frame, I would jump into something new, hoping that would bring me the peace I was looking for.  It seems I was always looking for the missing piece, the “job title”, the success that would make me complete.  Parts of Read More