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Do you wish you could stop beating yourself up when things don’t go as planned?  Are you tired of trying to fit in, trying to do things like everyone else and not succeeding?  Have you ever been told you are just too sensitive and you just have to get over it?  Do you find yourself trying to show up perfectly, wanting others to be happy, regardless of how you feel on the inside?

It could be you are a highly sensitive person who is worn out from living in a warrior world.  You are tired of giving all your energy and time to all those around you and just plain too tired to take care of yourself. Maybe you are at the point of pure exhaustion, and you know that if you don’t do something now, all hell will break lose. 

I get it.  I am an experf ( ex-perfectionist!) and life was a constant struggle until I found another way.  I didn’t have to let judgment and perfectionism play together.  I could choose to listen to the voice of compassion within that says, “You are perfect the way you are.  You are loved, you don’t need to do something different, be someone different.  You are exactly where you are meant to be at this time in your life.”

And when I began to listen, life changed for me.  Now I can choose to see my own divine goodness instead of living in the shadow of trying to be perfect and showing up in the world as someone I am not. I don’t have to let my body get worn down with illness and exhaustion because I am not measuring up.  I choose to love myself as I am.

I love to coach highly sensitive people and guide them as they learn to recognize their own goodness, listen to the voice of love and compassion within, and step up into their own divine power.  I get to watch the divine spark come alive with passion and experience my clients as they energize their purpose to change the world.  I coach people to be more fully in the moment, to live with gratitude and to find peace in the process.

Stop hiding, and start living.  The world needs you!



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Self-Care Products

Five Minutes a Day to Nourish Self-Compassion

Five Minutes a Day to Nourish Self-Compassion


Take Five Minutes for You- You are Worth it!


This box contains 30 five- minute self-care activities and an informational booklet to help you increase self-compassion as part of your journey to greater wholeness.

May your joy and delight increase as you reclaim moments in your day to nurture and care for yourself.

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“Before I met with Jan, I was quite frustrated and anxious over my unsuccessful (to date) job search.  As we talked over coffee, she asked thoughtful questions to draw out my passions, and helped me identify unique gifts I’ve perhaps taken for granted in an employment setting.   Her style is so thoughtful and caring, it was easy sharing my story, hopes, concerns, and goals for the future.  She helped me see how my impatience with results was imposing artificial limits on my potential….and I wasn’t even aware of this.  Jan also introduced several techniques/tools for me to use in building a framework for peace and satisfaction in different dimensions of my life going forward.  The work is in my court, but Jan has given me what I need to get there. Thank you so much!

Bob Hayes 


“If you want to make positive changes in your life, Jan’s guidance is a great tool to help you make decisions for where you want to go.  There are so many choices in life and it helps to have someone out there who is focused on helping you make the best choices possible.”



Jan’s energy and attitude are admirable.  She was a joy to work with.  I always looked forward to her calls, even when I hadn’t exactly lived up to my part totally.  She was never judgmental or critical and was always helpful.  Basically, Jan has helped me change my outlook, my perspective and my lifestyle.  I have been reading more and trying to reduce my stress as much as possible.  Consequently, my blood sugars are better (I’m Diabetic), my weight has come down, my fitness level and endurance has improved and my attitude about myself is better, mentally and physically.  I now feel hopeful and optimistic about my future.

Dave H

Jan is genuine and a very sincere.  I learned that you have to find a motivating factor to get started and stay focused on your ambitions and goals no matter how big or how small and take them one step at a time. Be open and communicate and true results will happen, you will be amazed what time with Jan can do to motivate and change your perspective and your life.”

M. W.

“Because of my coaching relationship with Jan, my work career has advanced–I am much more decisive because I worry less about what everyone will think about my decisions.  I learned not to be a perfectionist and that love and faith can provide more happiness than control and worry.  I also learned that there are people out there that will accept me for who I am (with all my flaws) and not the image I tried to project for so long. I have learned that it is OK if not every human being on this planet likes me. I used to feel anxious and worried about everything and now I feel peace, satisfaction doing the little things and much more love and joy.  I am living in the moment and enjoying and accepting whatever comes my way.

Be truthful, open and honest because Jan will not judge you.  She will just try to listen compassionately and help.  She has been through amazingly challenging trials so keep an open mind and learn from her. “

P. L.


I  started working with my coach when I was all about extremes, it’s either “white or black” no grey! I was always bothered and sometimes obsessed with my weight. I wanted to gain weight so desparately to the extent that I was eating too much, and exercising too much. It was too much of everything!  When I started working with Jan, little by little I started experiencing balance. I have learned how to balance and be happy with what I have. My weight is great, I am  no longer obsessed by it. Needless to say, I applied the skills I have learned in other areas of my life ( my job, relationship with people and myself, etc.)  Thank you  Jan!